Russia bans more Canadian media workers from the country, following prior sanctions

Media workers were among 62 Canadians sanctioned by the Russian government and banned indefinitely from entering the country. 

The Russian government said in a statement that the sanctions and travel bans were in retaliation for what they called the Canadian government’s “hostile actions” against Russia. 

Among the 62 Canadians on the list, published on Aug. 5, 2022, three are media workers or contributors:

  • Raymond J. de Souza, a Catholic priest, National Post columnist and former editor of Convivium magazine. 
  • Gwynne Dyer, an author, historian and columnist.
  • Dennis Kovtun, a journalist with CBC Edmonton and contributor to The Hill Times.

The Russian government sanctioned 61 Canadians including nine journalists, writers and newsroom executives in April 2022.

Many news organizations including the CBC had already suspended reporting in Russia in March when the Russian government announced a new law that threatened jail time for anyone publishing independent journalism contrary to the Kremlin’s official line on the war in Ukraine.