There are two ways to support the Canada Press Freedom Project.

Donations to J-Source support the staffing and operating costs for the CPFP.  Both monthly and one-time donations to J-Source are tax deductible through Carleton’s J-Source FutureFunder site or by donating to the Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University and selecting “J-Source Editorial Centre” under the “Designate your gift” dropdown menu. You will receive a charitable donation tax receipt for everything you give J-Source each year to support more in-depth reporting, analysis, resources and special projects.

You can also donate on a monthly or one-time basis to support journalism internship opportunities working with the CPFP, through the Carleton CPFP FutureFunder site.

Contributions will fund internship positions for Carleton journalism and communication students to work with us on the CPFP.

For any questions about how to donate to the CPFP or J-Source, please contact J-Source publisher Christopher Waddell at