How to reach the CPFP

For general inquiries, please email us at

The CPFP generally requires names of sources to ensure we can best verify information shared with us and accurately report incidents of press freedom violations. You may choose to discuss with us sharing information without being named in published materials, including in cases where there are concerns of retaliation or safety risks.

Most importantly: If you don’t want your employer to know you’re contacting us, do not visit our webpage or contact us using a work email or social media account, phone or laptop, or internet connection.

There are a variety of ways to contact us, but please note: If you are trying to keep your contact with us a secret, you may need to take additional steps not described here in order to cover your tracks.

Here are some ways to reach out outside of this website: 



The contents of your email can be read by your email provider and ours, so regular email should not be considered a private or anonymous means of communication. 


Twitter DM (for now): @jsource


Twitter has access to the contents of direct messages sent on its platform, as well as a record of who sent what to whom. The outcomes of recent developments at Twitter are evolving. While we remain accessible by Twitter DM, the platform is undergoing changes that may impact its reliability, security and availability.

Signal:  647-250-7373


Signal is an end-to-end encrypted messaging and calling app, meaning the contents and recipient of your message are known to just you and to the recipient — not to Signal. Signal does require the use of a phone number, which can be seen by contacts on the app.


Protonmail: canadapressfreedomproject @


Protonmail is a privacy-focused email provider. The contents of emails sent between two Protonmail accounts are end-to-end encrypted, meaning if you create a free Protonmail account and email us at our Protonmail account, the body of that email will not be readable by the provider. (The subject line will be, so choose a generic subject line if this is a concern.)