Chilling statement

MP Pierre Poilievre posts tweet calling Global News a “Liberal mouthpiece” 

Pierre Poilievre, then a federal Conservative Party leadership candidate, tweeted a statement describing Global News as a “Liberal mouthpiece,” in response to questions from Global News journalist Rachel Gilmore. 

“One of Global News’ so-called journalists decided to smear me & thousands of other Canadians,” Poilievre wrote in the tweet. “No wonder trust in the media is at an all-time low.”

Gilmore frequently covers far-right and anti-vaccine movements in Canada and often receives online harassment and threats

Poilievre’s campaign had emailed her the same statement on July 5, in response to questions she had sent about Poilievre’s association with anti-vaccine activist James Topp, said Gilmore on Twitter.

“Instead of just covering the news, unprofessional journalists like you try to set disingenuous traps to attack your opponents,” the statement read. “Since you insist on demonizing Canadians who dare to speak up against the Trudeau government, we can only assume that Global News is content to be a Liberal mouthpiece.” 

The tweet and statement both mentioned Global News, but neither included Gilmore’s name.