MP Pierre Poilievre posts tweet calling Global News a “Liberal mouthpiece” 

Pierre Poilievre, then a federal Conservative Party leadership candidate, tweeted a statement describing Global News as a “Liberal mouthpiece,” in response to questions from Global News journalist Rachel Gilmore. 

Russian ‘fake news’ law forces international media organizations to stop reporting

Media organizations including the CBC, BBC, CNN and Bloomberg were forced to pause reporting in Russia after a new law threatened to jail anyone publishing what the government described as “false information” about the war in Ukraine. 

Edmonton police revoke press credentials of The Progress Report

The Edmonton Police Service refused to give The Progress Report access to an online press conference on Feb. 24, 2022 and later revoked the publication’s press credentials. 

Police threaten to arrest Global News journalist

Police officers in Ottawa told Global News journalist Mercedes Stephenson to leave an area near Parliament Hill and threatened to arrest her. 

British Columbia Supreme Court throws out defamation suit against Victoria’s Capital Daily, awarding it costs

The British Columbia Supreme Court has thrown out a defamation case against Capital Daily of Victoria, suggesting that the suit filed by Timothy Durkin should be dismissed as the case has ”strong indicia” of a strategic lawsuit against public participation, or SLAPP.