Ontario Provincial Police order documentary filmmaker to turn over footage

Ontario Provincial Police obtained a court order to force filmmaker Jamie Kastner to provide complete raw footage of 17 interviews filmed for a TVO documentary about art forgery.  Police asked Kastner for the footage; when he refused, they obtained a court order in November 2022, and Kastner was forced to hand it over in March…

B.C. Court of Appeal upholds order for journalist’s emails and interview tape

The B.C. Supreme Court ordered Glacier Media journalist Alanna Kelly to turn over unpublished video of an interview with a complainant in a sexual assault case, as well as Kelly’s emails and text messages with the complainant and her lawyer. 

RCMP in British Columbia obtain court order for return of document leaked to Capital Daily

The Supreme Court of British Columbia upheld a court order for the return of an RCMP document leaked to Capital Daily managing editor Jimmy Thomson.