Denial of access

Vancouver police deny access to Vancouver Sun journalist during encampment eviction

Vancouver police denied access to journalists covering the eviction of people living in an encampment at Hastings St. and Main St.

When the eviction began, the Vancouver Police Department said on Twitter that public access to the area around the encampment would be limited “to ensure safety and privacy for people within the encampment.” The VPD directed media to “stage” at an intersection in the area. 

Police said that a Global News camera operator would be given access to the scene as a “pool” camera, to provide footage to multiple outlets. 

The VPD did not respond to two requests from CPFP for more information about restrictions on media workers during the encampment eviction.

VPD officers refused to allow Vancouver Sun journalist Nathan Griffiths to enter the area around the encampment, citing safety concerns because of trucks and equipment being used during the eviction, Griffiths told CPFP. 

He was able to access the area by going through laneways, and was not bothered by police once inside, he said.