Security guard in truck nearly hits journalist covering Trans Mountain pipeline

A security guard working for the Trans Mountain Pipeline project drove quickly towards filmmaker Geordie Day, stopping just short of hitting him, while Day was filming in Secwépemc territory in B.C.

Day was on assignment with Ricochet, IndigiNews and The Real News Network to cover construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. 

Day and his colleagues Brandi Morin and Aaron Hemens were standing on the edge of a public road near a gate at the entrance to a stretch of the pipeline, filming b-roll. 

In a video of the incident shared by Morin, a security guard in a pickup truck can be seen suddenly approaching the group, driving towards Day, who moves to avoid being hit by the truck before placing his hand on the hood. 

“It was aggressive. Security guards should not be conducting intimidation tactics on journalists covering stories on public land. I feared for (Day’s) safety afterwards,” Morin wrote in a tweet

In a statement sent to the Canada Press Freedom Project, a Trans Mountain spokesperson said that, after an investigation of the incident, the company believed “correct procedures were followed.”