Physical attack

Kamloops radio host assaulted during anti-LGBTQ2S+ protest

A protester assaulted RadioNL journalist Brett Mineer during an anti-LGBTQ2S+ protest in Kamloops, B.C. 

The protest was one of many held across Canada on Sept. 20, 2023 opposing sex education in schools and LGBTQ2S+-inclusive school policies. 

Mineer told the Canada Press Freedom Project that he had been reporting from the protest and was leaving when he heard a “commotion” in the crowd, and a protester repeatedly yelling  “I hope you all get fucking cancer and die!” at counter-protesters who had come to support LGBTQ2S+-inclusive education. 

Mineer took out his phone and began filming the protester. In a video shared by Mineer, the protester can be seen approaching the journalist, punching the phone out of his hand and saying “Fuck you too.” The protester then left. 

Mineer said he later contacted the Kamloops RCMP, hoping that a police visit to the protester might deter similar behaviour. Mineer scheduled an appointment at the Kamloops RCMP detachment and was interviewed by an RCMP officer, during which he noted that he had a video clearly showing the incident and the assailant’s face. The officer asked Mineer to send the video by email, but when he did, the RCMP email server returned the email because it was too large. The officer didn’t respond to subsequent phone calls or voice mail, Mineer said. 

Kamloops RCMP told CPFP that their investigation is ongoing.