Chilling statement

Former People’s Party of Canada candidate advocates execution of journalists in Facebook post

Former People’s Party of Canada candidate Marcella Williams posted a meme and comment on Facebook that appeared to advocate for the execution of journalists, reported the Georgia Straight on Oct. 3, 2021.

Williams, who ran in the 2021 federal election in the British Columbia riding of Burnaby South, also goes by the name Marcella Desjarlais, which she uses on her Facebook page.

The meme features a picture of a man in a Nazi uniform, overlaid with text: “During the Nuremberg trials, even the media was prosecuted and put to death for lying to the public.”

Williams shared the meme and commented, “Should happen again!”

She removed the post on Oct. 3, 2021, reported the Straight, and told attendees of an Abbotsford anti-vaccine proof rally that Facebook also banned her from sharing anything for 30 days.