Chilling statement

Doug Ford staffer attacks Canadaland editor on social media

The deputy chief of staff to Ontario premier Doug Ford attacked a journalist on social media in response to a story about Ford’s press secretary. 

The March 26, 2021 tweets from Cory Welton, Ford’s deputy chief of staff, were directed at Canadaland news editor Jonathan Goldsbie, who had reported a story published that day describing the romantic relationship between Ford’s press secretary Ivana Yelich and Toronto Sun Queen’s Park legislative columnist Brian Lilley, who covered Ford. 

“This cave dweller of a human being who looks like he’s never had the physical embrace from a partner is so devastated two people found love he attacks their privacy,” Welton wrote on Twitter

As people condemned Welton’s treatment of Goldbie, the Ford staffer doubled down, tweeting “I stand by my comments regarding your disgusting troll of a colleague.”